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Dance Classes

Autumn Term 2021 Dates

Our Autumn 2021 term dates will be:

All classes will be available to book for seven days, right up until the start of class, using the on-line shop:

Up-coming classes

Tomorrow's classes

Daytime Improvers Ballet - Mon, 29 Nov 2021Click to purchase
Lyrical Jazz - Mon, 29 Nov 2021Click to purchase
Improvers Tap - Mon, 29 Nov 2021Click to purchase

Autumn Term 2021 Timetable

The following classes are available:

Monday9:45am - 10:45pmAbsolute Beginners Ballet
10:45am - 11:45pmImprovers Ballet
6:30pm - 7:30pmBeginners Ballet Course
7:30pm - 8:30pmLyrical Jazz
8:30pm - 9:30pmImprovers Tap
Tuesday9:30am - 10:45amElementary Ballet
10:45am - 11:45amDaytime Jazz
11:45am - 12:45amDaytime Tap
6:30pm - 7:30pmZumba
7:30pm - 8:30pmAdvanced Ballet
8:30pm - 9:30pmOpen Jazz
Wednesday6:30pm - 7:30pmBeginners Ballet
7:30pm - 8:30pmIntermediate Ballet
8:30pm - 9:30pmContemporary
Thursday6:30pm - 7:30pmContemporary Jazz
7:30pm - 8:30pmTheatre Jazz
8:30pm - 9:30pmTheatre Tap
Friday9:45am - 10:45amISTD Advanced 1 Ballet
10:45am - 11:45amRelaxed Contemporary
11:45am - 12:45pmISTD Grade 5/6 Ballet
12:45pm - 1:15pmPointe Preparation and Conditioning

All of the classes are held at our studio in Mayford, near Woking in Surrey.

For more details about a class click on the class name.

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