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We think that we've got everything covered on the web site, but there's always a few questions that come up again and again.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions, and hopefully some of the answers:

Questions about class costs:

Questions about Classes:

Questions about beginners:

Questions about what to wear to class:

If you still have any questions after reading this section then please feel free to contact us.

Class Costs

What do classes cost?

All our regular classes are available on a ‘pay as you go’ rate of £5 per class, with no obligation to commit to multiple classes.

All classes are booked one week at a time, on a first come first served basis.

Due to Covid-19 precautions the numbers on each class are limited, so booking early is advised.

To book your classes, please visit our online shop.

Are there any concessionary rates?

At this time, while operating under Covid guidelines, all classes are the same flat rate of £5 per class. Once restrictions are lifted, we will review our concessionary policy.

What do the beginners and technique courses cost?

Beginners courses and technique courses, which are paid in advance, cost £25 for each six week course.

To book your place on a course, please visit our on-line shop.

I booked on, but now can't make it to class, what do I do?

Please drop us an email (to info@wokingdancespace.org.uk) with your Order ID (4 digit number from your WDS order confirmation) and we will get it all sorted for you.

Please give us as much notice as you can - while classes are limited in number – there may be people who can take your place.

Please note, our refund policy only applies if you let us know before the class starts. If you contact us after the class has started, we will be unable to refund.


I'm a complete beginner and...

Welcome to the wonderful world of dance!

You've found a great studio to start dancing. At Woking Dance Space we offer classes for adult dancers no matter what their age and previous experience, and that includes the complete beginner with 'two left feet'!

What beginners courses do you offer?

We currently offer complete beginners classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary. We also offer other short courses on a one off basis when there is sufficient demand.

For details of all our current classes including beginners courses please look that the Classes section of this web site.

When can I start?

The beginners courses run for six weeks at a time, with a different dance style for each course.

The aim of the course is to allow everyone to get the basics right, before moving on to the main-stream classes that the studio offers.

For details of all our current classes including courses beginners please look that the Classes section of this web site.


Do you provide classes for adults?

Yes, absolutely. Woking Dance Space works specifically to provide access to dance for adults of all ages.

We start where junior dance schools stop, and there is no upper age limit to make you stop if you don't want to.

Do you provide classes for children?

We don't try to complete with regular dancing schools, as such we don't take students below the age of 16.

There are many opportunities for children in the Woking area, and a number of good schools covering all the major dance styles.

Do I have to register/enrol for classes?

Normally, we would say no, but under current Government guidance we do need people to book in advance.

We have limited spaces in classes and need to gather dancer information to maintain our Covid safe environment. You do this via our online webshop.

We realise that as adults you have more constraints on your leisure time; shift work, baby sitters and business trips. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you to come to whichever classes you can when you have the time.

The only exception to this rule are the Beginners courses where you need to sign up for a term in advance.

Can I start in the middle of a term?

Yes, just come along when you can, we're flexible.

The only exception to this rule are the Beginners courses where we only let new people join at the beginning of each term.

How big are the classes?

Under normal circumstances, our class numbers are unlimited, so can be anywhere from 4 people up to 25. Average is usually somewhere around 15.

At this time though, our classes are limited to 13 dancers, due to the size of the studio to maintain social distancing.

What's the typical age range in the classes?

The age range various with the style of dance, but a rough average across the studio would be mid thirties.

We always say that we take anyone from 17 to 70. And it it's true, we do have a 70 year old tapper (and quite a few over 60s) and several late teen/early twenties Contemporary Jazz dancers.

What to wear

What should I wear to class?

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and allows you to move freely.

Seriously, you don't have to invest in a special wardrobe. A pair of leggings or sweat-pants plus a T-shirt is fine for all the dance classes we provide.

What about shoes?

Footwear is the only real exception to the above rule, you will need specific shoes / footwear for certain genres.

For Tap - obviously tap shoes are a requirement. We do have a small supply of loan tap shoes at the studio for new starters, but there's no guarantees that they will be in your sizes so come early!

For ballet - a spare pair of socks will work until you get the chance to drop around to your local dance shop and pick up a pair of ballet shoes. Most people go for canvas with elastic, they don’t need to be fancy satin with ribbons!

All the Jazz classes can be taken in trainers / jazz shoes, but we do ask that they are clean and not used for general outdoor wear. The dance floor is very expensive and we don't want it to be torn to shreds by grit stuck in the bottom of trainers. Bare foot or socks are also perfectly acceptable.

Contemporary is traditionally taken in bare feet, but you may want to wear socks or shoes until your feet get used to the wear and tear.

Where can I purchase dance clothes locally?

There are a number of dance shops in the local are, here are details of a small selection:

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