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Dance and exercise classes for adults, no matter what their age or previous experience

Technique Courses

Woking Dance Space offers a range of short courses for dancers wishing to improve their dance technique.

Each six week course is targeted at individuals with a good foundation knowledge. These sessions will provide opportunities to refine, explain and practice more complex steps and movement combinations where in other classes, there may not be enough time for such in depth explanations.

In doing so, the dancers will become more confident and comfortable in performing these steps in the flow of a normal class.

The pace of the class can be tailored to the participants and we will make sure to keep it conversational, relaxed and completely personal to what individuals would like to work on.

If you wish take your technique to the next level, these are the ideal class to do so.

To book your place on a course, please visit our on-line shop.

Beginners Jazz Plus

Monday evenings from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, six week course starting 29th October 2018.

This six week course aims to bridge the gap between our Absolute Beginner Jazz Course and our weekly drop-in Jazz classes. In order to do this, the pace and complexity of the content of the class will be slightly heightened, whilst still tailoring it to those taking part.

The fundamental technical steps including turns, kicks, jumps, travelling steps, balances and isolations will be covered and we will work on combining these elements; forming longer, more challenging sequences of movement. This course will bring focus to the varying styles of Jazz such as Fosse, Charleston, Lyrical and Street and demonstrate how the same technique can be applied in different ways.

By the end of the six weeks, participants should have a broader understanding of the spectrum Jazz can cover and a stronger foundation to their Jazz dance technique.

This class is taught by Natalie Dodd.

Beginners Tap Plus

Monday evenings from 6:30pm, six week course starting 7th January 2019

Ballet technique

Check back for details of the next course dates...

Pointe technique

Check back for details of the next course dates...

This six week course will provide an open environment in which to ask questions and gain information on the mechanics and technique of pointework. We will cover areas such as the fit and maintenance of pointe shoes, strengthening exercises to improve technique and a steady accumulation from week to week to build confidence.

The course aims to equip each dancer with the tools they need to keep developing their dancing en pointe in the future and to do so safely. Catering to individuals’ experiences, each class will include a barre warm up, conditioning, open discussion and a progression from demi-pointe work through to pointe.

This course is not suitable for beginners.

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